We work with Canadian Online Pharmacies to help them request, collect, verify, and publish reviews from their actively ordering customer base.

These days, all companies depend on customer reviews for a number of good reasons.

Customer feedback allows companies to hear how their customers have experienced the services they have provided. And it's not about hearing only the good news. The most valuable feedback is 'negative' feedback. It is only then that a company can make improvements to its service.

From a new customer's perspective, reading reviews from current customers gives valuable insight into how the company operates, and will give a good sense of the kind of experience they will have, should they choose to do business with a company.

Reviews allow for communication between customer and company, in a format that benefits all.

Our Process

Working with your company, we will establish processes to contact your customers who have recently made a purchase.

We take care of connecting with the customer, then gathering their feedback and formatting it into a database that can be used for internal private purposes, as well as public forms.

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